"Working with nature as a resource, to help children develop

physical and mental well being, self-esteem and positive

connections to themselves and the world around them."


The Secret Garden project is a community garden project, being built by the founder Pippa with a brilliant tiny team of wonderful, local volunteers. Situated in the North Wessex Downs, it is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Currently, the garden is a forgotten space with species needing lots of pruning, renovation, as well as re-landscaping and creative thinking.

The vision is a community garden, serving several different groups of people at separate times.

The garden will open as a blank canvas, enabling various service users to take part in creating planting projects, 'rooms' and features.  The overall design and evolution will be based in part, on my knowledge of the needs of children in outdoor spaces. Over time, we hope the spaces will weave together, creating a space for supporting children in learning, exploration, well-being and confidence, whilst celebrating and caring for a garden in the English countryside.


Sessions can include a whole spectrum of learning including greenhouse planting, propagation, and seed sowing, digging, weeding, cultivating beds and watering plants, permaculture, harvesting wild food, campfire cookery and bush-craft, nature walking, wildlife conservation, insect and bird and animal identification, play and imagination centred exploration, reflective sharing and will be supported by a learning journal based on my observations and each child's voice over the sessions. 



A Garden specifically for Children!

  • A fee paying service in outdoor learning.

  • The garden will provide a space for small groups of preschool and primary school children.

  • Individual children with SEN to learn in nature and build on confidence, personal skills, and physical experience.


  • Term time the garden is open for on-going six-week blocks of sessions of 1 - 2 hr sessions per week.

  • I may tailor individual programs for schools, where the learning continuity for the child is not compromised.

  • Tailored programs are bespoke to each child and can including learning social and emotional well being, physical activity, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.


  • One to one work with individual children and their support team works to ensure a learning journey in an environment of happy, supported, child-centred learning.


  • The garden will support a number of Wiltshire children's charities, including children who may be young carers, bereaved or who need social and skill development support in the academic year holiday's and at other times as requested. This will include some fee paying, donation and complimentary service to support various charity enterprises. Julia's House Hospice will use the Garden without charge. 

Also a Community Garden! Volunteer form: download here! (garden volunteering only)

Garden volunteer work days:

At designated times when the children are not using the site, we welcome volunteers to support our garden through drop in volunteer sessions.  

The garden will also organise a workshop service to the wider community in providing bookable, day and weekend workshops in: 

  • Green work

  • Natural art

  • Horticulture

  • Fundraising events

  • Permaculture

These and other subjects will make the garden a place where it is hoped, adults and volunteers can access new approaches to caring for the local environment as well as supporting their own well-being through giving time to the project, learning, sharing ideas and developing new skills. 




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