My approaches to Earthcare

Years of private gardening experience have developed into Earthcare, regenerative rewilding and Ark'ing. 

  • working with nature rather than chemicals or artificial mediums.

  • developing permaculture whole system awareness is fundamentally important to me, 

  • companion planting, composting/mulching. 

  • rewilding spaces through Ark'ing - Acts of Restorative Kindness.

  • Charles Dowding taught me NO DIG gardening, soil care and growing systems.

  • currently seeking more land spaces, edible forests and permaculture projects to support and work with.

  • continual practical skill development in the old ways, includes foraging and craft of wild plants/ weeds, herbs, flowers, roots, berries and blossom.

Positive outdoor spaces move far beyond square foot lawn and flower bed. I believe outdoor spaces can be a self sustaining adventure waiting for you... and a necessary wellbeing of the planet. Native species, edibles; fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs, flowers, trees, mosses, ferns, fungi and water are all botanical parts of outdoor spaces,  Many plants treated as unwanted weeds are vital to the natural eco system of a green space. Finding space for more of all of  these plants, brings you into direct sensory connection with nature, wildlife, well being  and beauty.

You and your Green Space