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Mossy Green Kids Methodology


Rationale. A belief that every child deserves to be treated as the creative, talented and remarkable individual they are. Integral to all sessions for a Mossy Green Kids is time spent outdoors, in the calm of green space. States of heightened wellbeing allow discovery and development of individual interests, building wellbeing and involvement levels.


Description. Working collaboratively with each child in an open framework, where learning is a two-way respectful dynamic  listening, sharing and growth.  Each child is supported as an individual, encouraging self confidence, self esteem, physical and mental well-being. We work reflectively together to building next steps for learning with the support of the setting, and professional team in the case of SEN.


Application. The commitment to record each session through observation including strengths, natural interests, creativity, learning schema's and direct quotes from the child. Agreed levels of sharing between child and practitioner can inform a final piece of written documentation where requested. This narrative is an insight into the skills, strengths, and interests of an individual child based on Mossy Green Kids sessions.  


Structure of Support. A focus to follow the threads of each child, encouraging individual strengths and interests to guide and inform the pathway of learning. Positive reinforcement of golden rules and aspects of risk are continually woven into each session. (The Leuven Scale) of well being and involvement inform and provide a measure for each child's growth and development, though the personal reflection of the child, their voice and needs lead .

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