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My working practice and policy

All county referrals, settings and parents must reference the following information.


  • Prior to working with a child, I request a meet with them, so we can explore and agree together how we might work. This will be be a mutual decision between the child and myself.

  • All county leads, nursery or school settings must be deemed suitable for Mossy Green Kids work. 

  • Standards of safety are paramount to the safety and well-being of every child,  I reserve the right to withdraw or decline operating at a setting should I decide these standards are not shared.

  • Mossy Green Kids operates at a level of safety dedicated to best U.K. principles of practice in all areas of working practice. non negotiable.

  • As a level three Forest School practitioner, I am able to integrate the principles of a Forest School program into all aspects of the children's experiences.

  • As a gardener with over ten years working experience and with the national charity THRIVE award in social and horticultural therapy, 

  • I combine statutory safety planning with child-led practitioner knowledge and practical gardening based skills.

The outdoor learning experience


I make national guidelines for child safeguarding a priority. All enhanced D.B.S certificates are current, full and valid. Working within the law, all safeguarding certificates are renewed regularly by accredited providers within Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Pathways learning resource provides continual professional development and allows me to keep up with new measures for safeguarding such as the radicalization awareness policy.

At all times Mossy Green Kids policy and procedure ensures national safeguarding requirements are upheld.

Risk Assessment

Detailed risk assessments and an emergency response plan are written and followed. Each aspect of outdoor learning is assessed for risk, allowing the children freedom to experience appropriate risk, at a managed level for every aspect of learning. 

Integrated experience

Every mossy green kid session follows a framework of exploration, repetition and reflective learning. The practitioner guidelines follow the integration of risk management from Forest School learning and support E Y F S areas of learning for nursery children.

Respect and data sharing 

Information to come...

Practitioner standards

Over time, my experience as a freelance practitioner of group size has ranged from (19-20) to (5-6) children. My personal working ratio now sits at a 1:6 child to adult for all groups. This allows for best practice management. 

larger groups can be formed only with experienced support staff who have completed relevant Forest School training. I also work one to one with individual children. 

Safety procedure 

Repetition, reflection and communication for each child / group ensure ongoing learning at every session.  Golden rules explain safe practice to each child/ These rules form a framework for each session. Throughout sessions, living examples (e.g. toadstools in woodland) are used as learning tools wherever appropriate to the child /group. An emergency response plan is in place for emergency situations in remote areas.

Medical training

I am First Aid trained with a specific Forest School (outdoor incidents) program. I maintain my training and incorporate a repeat course at this level annually.

Comprehensive Insurance

Current public and product liability insurance is held through an insurance firm specializing in Forest School and outdoor practice. My insurance encompasses all aspects of Mossy Green Kids outdoor learning. 

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