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Mossy Green Kids wisdom:

"We are kind and respectful to all living things, including each other."

Children and young adults are encourage to spend time outdoors in explore the living world discovering their confidence and wellbeing. Seasonal outdoor learning includes practical, experiential learning, exploring sharing and reflecting. This may include plant propagation, food growing and harvest, guided nature walks, exploring native wildlife, creating habitats, local conversation, natural art and campfire time. The future of our planet requires children to understand the sustainable harmony needed for people and nature to thrive. Children in Permaculture learning introduces choices based on the ethics of earth care, people care fair share. 

Horticultural therapy provides children and young adults with time and space outdoors, to access the calming benefits of nature. Step by step, we follow an open framework of person centred learning. It could be growing plants, harvesting food, seed saving or creating wildlife habits. Sometimes natural art is created or research into a favoured subject happens. Allowing  the i interests of the person to guide learning creates a bespoke environment of calm, well being and natural involvement. 

snail watching and learning
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