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Joining the ARK movement from gardener to guardian.

#ARK Acts of Restorative Kindness. (Founded by Mary Reynolds.)

I am super excited to be joining the community as an integral part of how I work. Want an ARK as part of your garden space? Contact me!

Re-wilding and creating an ARK is about giving a piece of land within our guardianship the chance to recover through natural process.

ARKS allows the Earth to regenerate, recover and rebirth from over use, chemical poisoning, impacting and erosion. It is everything we need to be doing to help repair and support the planet.

Nettle, bramble, wild weed seed may appear and for many children, seeing an Ark will be like seeing with new eyes. The generations who have inherited a highly farmed and cultivated land, many of the native species that grow will be new.

Children think that the rolling hills of Wiltshire are normal landscape scenes, but they are not. The hillsides are devoid of trees, scrub or shrub layers, they have been grazed to nothing but grass over years of generational farming, leaving a landscape that can support little, if any wildlife.

If enough ARKS are created, we can create corridors of true wild space, to offer shelter and support to many species who are currently marginalized or on the point of extinction.

ARK process is about trusting nature and her wisdom, letting her grow what she needs to, to stabilizing and regenerating soil, support tree and plant life and regenerate habitat for insect, bird and wild animal life.

I have never used chemicals and always encouraged gentle, supportive methods of gardening, and this takes the step to whole new ground, literally.

As my guardianship intentions grow, I hope schools will be part of the ARK spaces. For now our garden is ARKING' in progress and my visions for future earth design have never looked more wild and respectful to Earth!

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