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Mossy Green Kids is the ethos and name for the children I work with. I believe each child is a creative, talented and remarkable individual. I use nature as a resource for learning, confidence building and positive experiences with each child. I am not a teacher or a psychotherapist. Mossy Green Kids are introduced to the wonders of nature through all the seasons, which I believe is essential to the experience of outdoor learning. 


Over time, each child will naturally take up individual interests and discover strengths. These are encouraged, nurtured and developed.

Independence, as well as teamwork, sharing and leadership skills, are given space to grow.

Community, kindness, and teamwork are all integral values, each season brings new responsibility as the children learn to care for the component parts of a rich and varied outdoor setting with its many micro-habitats. 


Other aspects of a session can often include:

  • Outdoor safety and risk learning

  • permaculture and sustainability

  • bushcraft and campfire cookery 

  • wildlife identification

  • habitat creation

  • active play and imagination games

  • creative art

  • gardening, vegetable and fruit harvest 

  • storytelling

  • sharing and group discussion

  • positively reinforced golden rules

  • reflective learning

Sessions follow a familiar routine with space for child-led exploration and group work. The children are immersed in the natural resources, weather, gardening, wildlife. grown produce and life cycles, all surrounding them. They are often muddy, with pockets stuffed with the stick and stone 'treasures' of an unhindered, wild and free imagination. Questions and Awe are never far away.


Sessions typically run for 1-2 hrs and are based on small group's, where the ratio of adult to child is 1:3 essential for high levels of individual support and observation. 


I work with small groups of children and individuals in pre-school, nursery and primary school settings.

The service works for various children's charity's, offering short and longer-term projects.  

I also work with individual children with SEN on a bespoke and tailored basis.  

I am fully insured and follow the best practice of Forest School policy, risk assessment and child protection procedure throughout my work. Please see Information for schools and parents.



 Nature-based learning, play and horticulture for children.
“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.”  ~ Rachel Carson